At Beyond Birth Doula, our mission is to support mothers and their families in a non-judgemental way as they make their journey into parenthood. I strive to help mothers and fathers establish a bonding relationship before, during and after pregnancy to support individual family choices.

To accomplish this, I bring a high level of professionalism and compassion into the work I do, providing support in your personal decisions. As a professional, I stay up-to-date with continuing education through training, while helping you gather and learn about supportive community resources.

As a partner with you on this journey, I aim to stay by your side through the complete experience as needed and desired.

“When my daughter spent a week in the NICU, I didn’t think I could start a breastfeeding journey, but Amanda held my hand, so to speak, through the entire experience. Her knowledge and understanding of the delicate emotions that go through a new mom was so crucial to getting the support that I needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to any mom who might need help with breastfeeding, adjusting to life with a newborn or just needing a friendly face to help around the house.” Jenna H.

Jenna H.

“Amanda went above and beyond the expectations I had for a doula in providing the support I needed during our lengthy labor, delivery, and breast feeding support. She kept both my partner and myself calm and relaxed, as well as discussed any questions or concerns we had while discussing how treatment would go for labor and delivery with the staff.   She assisted me with making sure I received skin to skin contact with my baby immediately after birth to promote breast feeding. Her support not only helped me though our labor and delivery journey, but my partner too. She gave him time to rest so he wouldn’t be too worn out for when it was time for delivery.” Mrs Ferrell

“The most important service I thought she provided was the knowledge and help that she provided myself on ways to help keep my wife as comfortable and relaxed as possible during labor. This is knowledge I would not have had if I had not hired a doula. She also helped us practice those maneuvers and helped us learn what was going to work best for my wife before labor and delivery.” Mr Ferrell

Ferrell Family