TMI Tuesday


     Thats right folks, lets get going with the first blog post for the TMI Tuesday category with the opening topic of poop. We all do it. Some more then others and some take a LOT longer then others. Gentlemen, that was meant towards you.
     Having two young boys of my own I feel as though I’m especially privileged to the male species particular bonding to poop. I always assumed my husbands insistence to comment and discuss his bowel movements was simply a “special” connection he felt the need to share with me. However, after hearing my 3 year old scream “Mom, its coming out fast and stinks!” I realize, it’s just a male thing.
     Parenthood brings on a whole new level and enthralling discussion to poop. The moment a baby is born life is consumed with not only their normal issues of wellbeing but also the fluids leaking from them. “Have they pooped today?” “What color was it?” “Was it solid?” Thats just the beginning barrage of questioning in life that becomes normal to us parents.
     Hearing the sound of my husbands screams the first time our newborn pooped on him was the beginning of our continuing journey into poophood, I mean parenthood. I have more poop stories I adoringly tell about my boys then “normal” sweet stories. Even as infants the sounds coming from their diaper was that of a grown man. I would cringe every time I’d hear a blow out from across the room just knowing that outfit was perpetually stained. **Side note, Dawn blue dish soap scrubbed into those stains prior to washing is a miracle cleaner. Many an outfit would have been saved if I knew that sooner in life**
     Now, not only in my household, but with other families I’m supporting, my topic turns to poop. It’s really the one way to know that your baby is fed and healthy. Honestly, any pending sickness, teething or allergy can be quickly detected by a simple discussion of their fecal matter. I love when I hear “can I ask you an odd question?” and then it’s about poop.
Trust me, that is not odd to me. Now, if you want to discuss with me how to feel like a successful parent everyday of your child’s life, I would state thats an odd question. Also it’s unattainable. Poop on the contrary is what life is about as a parent and certainly as a lactation counselor.
     Newborn poop goes through an array of colors that I simply compare to the rainbow. Some are to be ignored and deemed “normal” while others should raise concern. Newborn diaper changes are a different experience every time it’s peeled open. Not as often wiping a toddler can be alarming depending on the food coloring they might have eaten recently. Thank you St Patricks Day!
     So as you read this, if you don’t know the last time you had to wipe a different human beings nether region, what color someone else’s fecal matter happens to be today or have had to stand in the same confined area as a small human who was grunting along to “twinkle twinkle little star” while drops of crap fell from them…..consider yourself lucky.
                 If you have experienced any of those, congrats! Life is beautiful and so is poop.
originally posted April 5, 2016

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