Flash Forward Friday

Birthday Debacle

Having kids 2 days shy of exactly two years apart was a bad idea for many reasons. The main one was that I lost my sanity those first few years. I have realized after this weeks birthday festivities, they just turned 4 and 6, that separate birthday by 2 days won’t work anymore. The violence and outward showing of emotions was extreme depending on who’s birthday we currently were not celebrating. I need to know how and when this will get better. For #flashforwardfriday I decided I’d dream about the future birthdays and how this issue will be best contained.
I need your help now by letting me know how you have or would deal with this scenario. Separate birthdays and just deal with the meltdowns? Same birthday celebrations? Or lie about the exact date of one of their true birthdays for awhile? Comment, let me know.
originally published June 17, 2016

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