Flash Forward Friday

To only wipe myse

Here I sit dreaming about my future with Flash Forward Friday.
This weeks dream is about a day when I don’t have a small child screaming “I’m done”. This is the finale as they anticipate my arrival to wipe away left over fecal matter. I’ve been on a trip away from my loving boys for a little while now and I miss them horribly. However, this is one duty I’m not eager to get back too. My nails have grown beautifully and my hands have become smooth while my time away has allowed for less hand washing and household chores.
I used to dream about a day without diaper changing being an almost hourly task. I just never thought that poop removal would still be something I’d handle well after all the diapers were removed from our household. I always question parents with older children on when their offspring began wiping themselves. Answers always vary since boys seem to be less enthused at accomplishing this on their own at any given age. Don’t get me wrong, some girls have no issue allowing this task to be handled but most seem to become much more independent in this area prior to boys. Possibly because, as females, we have to get used to wiping at every potty break whereas males clearly have an easier time ignoring the issue to wipe consistently.
I’ve put my adoring husband in charge of teaching wiping techniques to our boys and he says he has done so sufficiently with our now 6 year old. However, smells tell otherwise.

Since we are on the topic of bathrooms habits and what the future holds, let’s discuss hand washing. Is this something kids grasp at some point? I mean, I have to remind my own husband to wash his hands when he is making a meal or after he leaves the bathroom. His routine reply is “I didn’t get pee on my hands.” Right, but you’ve touched the toilet handle, door handle and body extremities!  Plus lets point out the fact that you’re 30 years old and need to come to terms that as an adult, washing hands is appropriate.
Maybe this Flash Forward Friday dream is truly that….a dream. I might need to come to the realization that my boys will follow along with their dad and I will be the hand washing reminder, poop sniff checking mother well into when they leave home with families of their own.
So I ask you now friends, did you wash your hands?
originally published July 15, 2016

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