Meet Your Doula

My name is Amanda, and I’m a mom of two high-energy, crazy boys, and wife to a loving, dedicated and overworked husband. My life is my family. I’m known at home as a family-organizing, house-cleaning, clothes-washing, stuff-finding, food-making, loving-yet-strict mom and wife.

After the extremely difficult breastfeeding journey I had with my first son, with no help except for my husband, I knew prior to the birth of my second son that I needed support to achieve success. I joined a local breastfeeding group, where I learned that breastfeeding isn’t as “natural” as society likes us to believe. While a part of the group, I realized the passion I had for helping comfort, support and educate mothers during what can be a very difficult time.

Through this journey I have come to realize that moms and their families need judgment free support prior to the birth of their baby and during the labor process they choose. Receiving that additional support gives an optimal start to parenthood with a growing family.

During pregnancy, labor and those first few months with a newborn, a new mom needs support and understanding, not only from close family and friends, but from professionals who can answer questions that arise and offer more.

My Philosophy

Breastfeeding is best for baby – as long as it is what’s best for mom, too. Each mom is blessed with the decision on how to feed their children, and I am here to support that decision. I specialize in breastfeeding and non-judgemental encouragement in all areas of new motherhood.

I provide support through one-on-one in-home consultations; group or personal breastfeeding classes; or FaceTime, phone and instant-messaging – however mom or dad feels most comfortable.

I strive to bring the most up-to-date information and educational training to the work that I do, as well as the ability to answer any quesitons a mom or dad may have in regards to their newborn.

Professional Training

Certified Lactation Counselor

Healthy Children Center for Breastfeeding, 2014

Certified Labor Doula 

ProDoula, November 2017

Professional Postpartum Doula Training

ProDoula, 2016 (Working Toward Certification)


Volunteer Work

Clovis Breastfeeding Support Group

Member, 2012 to Present

Leader, 2014 to Present

Pregnancy Resource Center

Monthly breastfeeding classes, at both Clovis and Portales locations

Secretary of the Lactation Provider Act Committee with the New Mexico Board of Nursing

April 2017 to Present