Midweek Meltdown

Doula the Doula

Late night Midweek Meltdown to gather support from you. Thats right, this Doula is needing some support in figuring out where my nighttime routine went wrong. As a professionally trained postpartum doula I’m successful getting clients babies off to blissful happy sleep. However, at home i’ve seemed to have lost my uninterrupted nights. I’m talking sleep walking, nightmares, bad guys and HEART ATTACKS. Watch the video to view my plea and leave a comment for support.

originally published August 24, 2016


Midweek Meltdown

Body parts that fall out

Here I go, Midweek Meltdown, for your viewing pleasure.
I believe, that as humans, we all have an area we cannot tolerate. The “ick factor” I speak of is when an area of life brings up that familiar disgusting bile rising in the back of your throat. This is my confession regarding my “ick factor” and some important areas of questions for other parents to consider. Discuss this with me, let me know I’m not alone and judge how I’m handling the tooth fairy scenario thus far.
originally published July 27, 2016
Good to Know, Midweek Meltdown

Whats not ok….

This midweek meltdown has been coming along for awhile. I fought the urge to discuss this topic but it keeps being brought up in my life and i feel it was time for me to voice for issues with it. I have no room in my life for Mommy Guilt, so I am here to say i support YOU and YOUR choices for YOUR family. Us moms need to support each other and leave the snarky remarks or questioning our choices behind. Join me in getting out the issues.
Have you experienced Mommy/Daddy Guilt being thrown at you?
originally published July 6, 2016
Good to Know, Midweek Meltdown
Midweek Meltdown happened in the midst of a mundane task making me eager to get some advice on how your household manages this.
Betty Crocker is not an image I’d be compared to, but I’ve tried every way imaginable to accomplish the daily task of “whats for dinner?”
Going out to eat would be ideal but due to finances and health that doesn’t exactly fit into daily life.
So here I am, bandaged wound and all, asking for your secrets and support on how you handle this in your household.
Comment your secrets and as always thanks for watching!
originally published May 18, 2016