Partners Only

Do you have a wife, sister, daughter, aunt or friend who is pregnant and has stated that they want a doula? 

Are you left asking:

What’s the point in having a doula?


Won’t a doula replace the partner’s role?

A doula is never there to replace anyone’s role during labor. Beyond Birth Doula gives support and assists both the mother and partner throughout the pregnancy and birth process.

Aren’t nurses there to do that job?

Nurses are there to provide for many clients and can’t always give the attention the parents need. Beyond Birth Doula is available for the family during pregnancy, throughout labor and following the birth for each client’s particular needs.

Can’t the mom, sister or friends support the labor?

Moms, sisters and friends are all marvelous support for expecting families. However, sometimes these loved ones are not able to be around physically during labor or cannot tolerate seeing a loved one in discomfort. Also, some families don’t have the blessing of supportive people willing to be a part of this momentous time or simply would prefer to not have them nearby. Therefore support needs to be located from elsewhere.

We’ve had a child before without a doula; why do we need one this time?

Every child, pregnancy and labor are different. We don’t always get a similar labor as previous births or we can learn from those previous births that more support is needed. Second-time moms may prefer a doula so they feel secure knowing the focus will be on them while the partner remains focused on current children.

Having a doula will take away from our own personal experience.

A professionally trained doula is present to provide additional support and guidance, and is not there to take away any personal experience. Communicating what you prefer during prenatal visits gives Beyond Birth Doula the best understanding about what’s expected. Beyond Birth Doula takes extra efforts to ensure everyone has the experience they wanted during their child’s delivery.

So a doula is basically a midwife?

No, a doula is not a midwife.

Doulas are not medically trained but are professionally trained to give support, comfort and provide emotional care for the family. Beyond Birth Doula works alongside doctors, midwives and nurses to provide the constant emotional support that the medical professionals aren’t always able to deliver.

Doulas cost too much.

The cost for a doula can seem daunting when you are already budgeting for all things needed to provide for a new baby. However, Beyond Birth Doula allows payments to be made at the families convenience and only require the full payment to be made prior to when the on-call time frame starts.