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Mail TIME!


During pregnancy most first time moms, second time moms and I believe, any amount of time moms, worry and think about their babies birth.
The truth is, we never know. 
Every baby, pregnancy and birth is different. But before we rush off to stress about birth scenarios, our options for it and “what could be” let’s take a moment and fully embrace the beauty of birth.
Society can make us feel as though happiness is finding out you’re pregnant, sharing with your loved ones, taking photos of the growing belly and then it’s cut short while waiting for this horrible process of birth before the happiness returns with the true miracle of meeting our newborn.
What?! Birth is part of this beautiful process! Not some horrible incident in the middle.
The miracle of life doesn’t happen without birth. No matter how it happens or the way a mother chooses to birth her child, it’s still a glorious and beautiful process. Our bodies create this amazing life and then delivers it to us as we need. Why look at that as a terrifying process instead of the beautiful gift and delivery it is?
I know mail delivery is truly no comparison to birth but there’s excitement seeing the mail being delivered when we are anticipating an Amazon order. Right, ladies?
That pile of mail may include some not-so-splendid pieces and might even have some ugly horrible bills to emotionally contend with. However, at the end of that stack, I get a beautiful full box of Amazon goodies. I chose those goodies for myself and they have been delivered directly to me to cherish for a lifetime. Even through the ugly process of opening mail I still get the happiness at the end of the day. Bills are paid, lights remain on, and life continues in bliss.
I want my clients to see their birth experiences as a beautiful process they get to experience however they wish. On their own terms, in the conditions they choose and while making their choices without judgment. Judgment-free is most important.
My mail has different envelopes, magazines and advertisements than yours, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable to me.
Same goes for birth. All are different, all women can see their birth as a success or failure, and no one should judge them for that. Instead let’s celebrate the birth and snuggle that adorable newborn that is here because of it.
originally published October 19, 2016


Good to Know

Eggs are more than breakfast

     Here is some helpful advice for anyone who is expecting a newborn, has a newborn or plans to ever have children. I discuss this issue during the lactation course I offer as a Certified Lactation Counselor and also as a labor doula, during the prenatal visits. Visuals are helpful and some can be reused as a delicious meal.


Good to Know

Ultimate newborn soothing technique

Tidbit of information that i believe is HIGHLY important for those early days and weeks of newborn life. This technique has tremendously helped me as a Postpartum Doula with enabling mom plenty of sleep all the while I’m easily soothing baby. Definitely a trick to try out and comment to give me feedback on how it works for you.
Good to Know

Not so April fools, here I am world!

logo-with-quote     Beyond Birth Doula is officially public and hitting the ground running.
      I am taking on this new adventure as a business owner with a passion. It’s been a field I’ve been involved with for years but it’s time for me to take a huge step and become what I know will be a serious asset to this community. Having three years as a Certified Lactation Consultant and training as a Postpartum Doula, I have up-to-date education along with my passion to help others. I want to reach as many moms, dads, families and their supporters in this wonderful community I get to call home.
      If you’ve been blessed to become a new parent, then you realize how rough the beginning of parenthood can be, truth is, parenthood at any time is challenging, but those first months can take a lot of additional love and support to accomplish (by “accomplish” I mean seeing the end of those early months with hair still attached to your head!)
      As a Lactation Counselor, I have seen firsthand the struggles a family gets put through, not only caring for this tiny human being, but also to care for themselves and anyone else in the home. That’s how Postpartum Doula became my goal for 2016. Well BOOM, goal accomplished! My passion in this industry is continually growing and furthering my education is highly important to me, so make sure to stick around to see what additional areas come along this year.
     I’m extremely passionate to help mothers through their journey of breastfeeding but I also want to include an extended area of support. Being encouraging yet nonjudgmental, along with educational support for families, I want to assist growing families succeed during those first few weeks and on-going months in more areas then just breastfeeding.
     Newborn care, sibling care, family role changes, sleep abilities, light household chores, day to day errands, and pet care to mention a few areas, is what I’m here to help parents “accomplish”.
     While I go through this journey I’ve decided a blog sounds like a tremendous outlet. My Blog Topics may amuse you or possibly disgust or offend you. Note: These Blog Topics will be my personal thoughts, stories and information to tell and will not include any past, present or future work related stories of my clientele. Sharing my own experiences with you, so that you know you’re not alone during this grueling marathon of parenting. My growing mission in helping others will be accomplished through these blogs with hopes they make you giggle and forget for a moment the daily worries of life.
 Here is to the beautiful beginning of a business  
created for support, encouragement, happiness and 
originally posted April 1,2016